Rev Fr Milton Jacob

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Fr. Milton Jacob is a priest of the Diocese of Calicut. He was born on 4th of January 1976 in Chundale, a place in the Waynad district of Kerala state. He was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Calicut on 14th of April 2004. Academic/Religious Qualification: Licentiate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome (2006) and a Doctorate in Biblical Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome (2014) for the doctoral thesis:Prayer in Luke-Acts: A Study of Prayer in the Life of Jesus and in the History of the Early Church to Trace the Pedagogical Accent of Luke. He can be contacted via email


  1. Assistant Parish Priest, St. Theresa’s Shrine, Mahe,(08.05.2004 – 29.05.2005)
  2. Secretary to Bishop (30.05.2005 -09.05.2006)Parochial Administrator, Mahe (3.6.06 -7.6.06)
  3. Priest in charge, St. Joseph’s calicut. (19.06.06 – 07.06)
  4. Liturgy Commission Secretary
  5. Regional Director of B.C.C./Family Apostolate
  6. Vice-Chancellor in the diocesan curia
  7. Notary in Diocesan Tribunal
  8. Teaching faculty at St. Joseph’s seminary (June 2014 –

Courses offering at St. Joseph’s Seminary

  • Introduction to the Bible (3 Credits)
  • Historical Books (3 Credits)
  • Sermon on the Mount; Parables; Miracles (3 Credits)
  • Non-Pauline Letters (3 Credits)
  • Book of Revelation (1 Credit)
  • Biblical Greek (2 Credits)
  • Acts of the Apostles (1 Credit)
  • Seminar (Prayer in Luke; Mercy and Merciful people in the Bible)

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