Mission Symposium: Prayer and Mission

October 14th, 2021 by

Prayer is the foundation for mission and without it, our mission will be like a body without soul. As a part of mission Sunday, St Joseph’s Seminary organized a mission symposium on 16th October 2021. Fr Jagdish Parmar S.J., National Director PWPN/EYM was the main speaker and Fr Milton Jacob, professor of Sacred Scripture, was the moderator. Fr Parmar invited all to become missionaries from where they are by prayer and sacrifice so that the restless of human soul may be made good by missionaries by their word and deed. He pointed out that the network of prayer can take care of needs of humanity and all need to devote themselves to mission being a ray of hope in broken world by offering our lives in our own way to Jesus, the missionary par excellence.

The symposium began with a prayer song. Br Vikas Pereira anchored the program and Fr Ronald Serrao, the Rector welcomed the speaker with a bouquet of flower. After the talk there was time for interventions and sharing, moderated by Fr Milton. The symposium concluded with the Seminary Anthem.

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